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World Class Program

The MBA degree of the University of Cyprus is internationally recognized and accredited as with all other degrees offered by the University.

The University of Cyprus is a member of the Community of Mediterranean Universities (CMU), the Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe (UNICA), the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), the European Association of Universities (EUA), the Association of Arab and European Universities (AEUA), Santander Group (SG) and LEONET (Leonardo da Vinci is the Community action program for the implementation of vocational training policy in Europe). 

Accredited by EPAS

The MBA Program has been accredited by EPAS, an international program accreditation system operated by EFMD which aims to evaluate the quality of any management program with an international perspective and, where of an appropriately high quality, to accredit it. 

This accreditation confirms the unique educational experience offered by the MBA Program of the University of Cyprus and its establishment as one of the best in the region, creating visionary leaders in the international business environment. 

The accreditation process involved detailed assessment of the MBA Program through international benchmarking and examined a wide range of aspects of the Program including: the implementation of the Program in the market at a national and international level, the Program objectives and expected learning outcomes, the Program’s content and conduct, the extent to which the Program has an international focus and balance between academic and managerial dimensions, quality of students and graduates of the Program, the quality of graduates and their career development. 

Powerful Contacts

The University of Cyprus has established close contacts with numerous international organizations, including UNESCO, CEPES and the Council of Europe. The MBA Program is recognized and accredited by the Accreditation Authorities in Cyprus, SEKAP, KYSATS and CYQAA.

Global Cooperations

The University of Cyprus has signed bilateral agreements of cooperation with 129 universities in Europe, Australia, Asia and the USA.  These inter-university and inter-departmental agreements provide mainly for student and academic staff exchanges, joint research projects, conferences and exchange of teaching and research material.  Consequently, the University of Cyprus is widely recognized in the scholarly community.